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What we do...

Currently Thanh works along side the Hungarian International Fellowship of Evangelical Students movement (MEKDSZ) in reaching out to international students and young professionals studying and living in Budapest (International Christian Fellowship of Budapest). Thanh serves as a facilitator for this international group as well as continues to be a mentor to a couple handfuls of Hungarian students...most of whom came to Faith through the work of OMS International here in Hungary over the years. Thanh still helps OMS with their chuch planting effort in Budapest whenever his services are needed.

Melinda is currently working on her University degree in History and English. She teaches English on the side, and supports Thanh and his work whenever her schedule allows. Melinda often plays hostess to the various groups when Thanh brings them home...which happens fairly often.

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How you can pray for us...

- We are thankful that as a whole our work is off to a very good start this year. Do continue to pray that God will continue to guide and protect us and what we do here.

- We desire to hand this work over to our Hungarian colleagues (MEKDSZ) in a couple years, and to to that we need for them to step up in their involment and ownership, so please pray that they will have the resources to do this. Our goal from the very beginning is to work ourselves out of our job...and to do that we need people to have the vision, share the vision, and are willing to carry on this vision in reaching out to the International students studying here.

-Our leadership structure is changed from year to year, for that matter, semester to semester, so please pray that we will have new people to step up and take part in leading our group.

- To find new partners...churches, individuals to share the ownership of this ministry in reaching out to the international students in Budapest.

- Our financial situation is still quite tight so please pray that we can find more supporters...individuals, churches, in this area.

- For Thanh's right knee to heal quickly and completely.

- That we can get our Residence permits for this next year without too much complication.


How you can support us...

- By praying for us.

- Checking in on us (write/call us).

- Support us financially. (send your tax deductible gift to: Logos Encounter Inc., 24 Whitcomb Rd., Bolton MA 01740)

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