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Isten Hozzot!

As an attempt to keep our friends and famliy better informed in what we're up to and how they can support us and our work here in Hungary, we decided to follow up on a couple friends' suggestion and created this simple electronic bulletin of sort for everyone to check in on us get glimpes into what we're doing, experiencing, feeling, or thinking these days. So here it is...version 1.0, of our e-bulletin. Thanks for stopping take some time and write us a note...or two...bookmark this page and come back to visit us again. Thanks for stopping by.

Pax...Thanh & Melinda

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The biggest news for us this year is without a question the arrival of our baby girl Anna Regina Dickerson. She came out about one week early, at 4:04pm on March 30th, 2007...weighted in at 6.7lbs and 20.5" long...she was perfect!

After spending 4 nights at the hospital as required by the doctors here, we brought Anna home to our apartment...with her crib all assembled, painted and decorated by her dad just a week earlier.

It's fair to say that our lives have changed for ever. Neither of us can imaging our lives without Anna now. Yes most of what people say about all the changes once we have a baby are true...But we would not trade this experience for anything.

Anna sleeps pretty well from the very first night after we brought her home. She'd usually wake up only a couple times a night...usually at around 12:30-1am, and then later at 4:30-5am. Being a night owl that I am, I usually get Anna from her crib and bring her to our bed for Melinda to feed her for her first feeding, and Melinda'd usually get up and get Anna then feed her on her second feeding. After the second week, I usually don't even hear Anna waking up for her second feeding :-).

After about the 5th/6th week, Anna started to sleep through the night, which obviouly was something both of us were very thankful about. One morning around the 5th week, Melinda came to me all excited and told me that she had a dream the night before. Not seeing why that should be a big deal, I asked her "What's so special about having a dream?" And her answer was "Since I gave birth to Anna, I haven't been able to sleep long or deep enough to have a dream." Boy did I feel bad after that.

Anna at 2 days old.


Anna's passport photo.


Anna with Dad...a little bit drunk perhaps from mom's milk.


Trying out her new car seat.


googoo, gaga-ing with mom. (2months)



Getting ready for bath...Anna's favorite time. (2 1/2 months)


Anna with an attitude..."I'll punch you!!!" (3months)


Catching a quick nap on her way to Ukraine (3 1/2months)


On the way home from church


looking up at Dad while chilling out with mom on the couch..


Anna with Mom at Pecs


Dancing with Dad


...taking afternoon siesta with mom


Our first real challenge of trying to juggle work/school/and taking care of Anna came in May and June as Melinda was studying and preparing for her last round of comprehensive exams for her Master's degree in English. She spent 6 weeks straight studying for these I've never seen any one else studied this hard for any exam. And thanks be to God, all her hard work paid off as she was able to passed these exams, being among the "lucky" 15% of students who managed to passed these exams this semester. It's a crazy school system...but, that's how they do it here.

In early July we were able to go to Ukraine for 4 days to visit Melinda's family. It was beautiful there as the whole area was in a valley surrounded by mountains...apparently the Romania border was just on the other side of the mountain range...probably no more than 6-8 miles away. Anna was the star there as everyone wanted to come and see her. She fared the trip amazingly well. As if the 7 hrs drive there weren't enough, the drive back was close to 10 hours in the 100+ heat and she didn't really complain until when we were only about 1 1/2 hrs from home. We're so thankful that Anna is such a good and easy going baby.

Anna rolled over on her own one week before she turned 4 months old. What is really interesting was that a couple weeks prior, she started to roll over onto her right side, but kept getting her right arm stuck under her and this kept her from being able to roll over completely. But when she finally succeded, she actually rolled over on the left side. I guess she gave up on the right side and tried the left and succeeded. Luckily for us, she can now roll over on to both sides with equal efficiency so I guess we have to start thinking about "baby proofing" our apartment pretty soon.





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